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  1. hello,(this is my msg to support)

    where do i need to go to find out how to deploy my website.
    i have created a website using V.S. express. i have read a few articles on how to deploy the website in "knowledge base". i followed he instructions but i am still not able to see the website.

    i get an error msg saying that i need to remove the index.htm file. in "web appliction tool" when i click on the directory i do not see the files to be able to delete any genaric or default file named index.htm.

    i used the "copy website" method for the "website"(not project), but i copied into a folder/directory, which when i was uploading the files using ftp method(in v.s. express) prompted to create one since it was not there.

    so now all my files should be in the new directory and then using the "web application tool" , i set the directory/folder up as an application. what else do i need to do to be able to see my website? i did go and set up the dns names for the domain.

    i am a new developer, this is my first site.
    (they responded back with)
    i was told by discount asp.net support to ftp to the server and delete the index.htm file

    i downloaded ftp client and connected to discount asp.net and deleted the index.htm file

    now that i go to my website url i still get the discount asp.net index.htm page.

    what else do i need to do to get my website up??? are there any complete instructions on how to deploy my website to discount asp.net???
  2. if you deployed the site to a subdirectory, you won't see it by accessing domain.com unless a redirection from root to that subdir is set.

    What's your domain name?
  3. homecarecomprehensive.com
  4. how would i do that?
  5. There are several issues with your current site state.
    -the app is being deployed on subdir, no homepage set on the root and directory browsing is enabled.

    - the app require .NET 4.0, the site runs on 2.0

    open a support ticket from portal for further instruction

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