Help please, need alernative to AspHTTP.Conn

Discussion in 'Classic ASP' started by homehopperc, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Hello, I desperatly need an alternative to the server objects component AspHTTP.Conn

    As DASP is removing this soon and my site using this component to validate paypal payments (IPN), and is not functional without this feature.

    Could anyone please point me in the right direction?

    Code currently working is....

    Set HttpObj = Server.CreateObject("AspHTTP.Conn")
    HTTPObj.Url = strWebAddress
    strResult = HTTPObj.GetURL

    But i require an alternative to use in ASP.

    thank a bunch DREW
  2. Bruce

    Bruce DiscountASP.NET Staff

    You can also use the IP*Works component

    The following should be the equivalent to your code

    Set HTTP = Server.CreateObject('IPWorksASP6.HTTP')
    HTTP.Get strWebAddress
    strResult = Server.HTMLEncode( HTTP.TransferredData )
    Set HTTP = nothing

    For more information on this component, see


  3. thank you bruce, am i to understand that the ipworks ASP version is also installed, not just the ASP.NET?
  4. Takeshi Eto

    Takeshi Eto DiscountASP.NET Staff

  5. This is what I use for a site indexer.
    Granted I have only used it on my own IIS locally but i didnt install anything special.
    Worked for over 300 URLs today ..

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