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  1. Engineering firm based out of Detroit area, MI, with Visual Studio 2010 / vb / 4.0

    I used MS Visual Studio 2010 and have the website translated in 6 different languages in .resx filesin app_globalresources, but for now, they only work if your browser's settings are set to that language; I haven't figured out how to let end-users manually set the language for the website.

    This is all self-taught through using forums, so any and all harsh critiques would be sincerely appreciated! I know one critique might be that I have too much navigation, but all comments and suggestions to help make this look professional are much appreciated.

    Jason Weber
    USS Vision Inc.
  2. Hi there,

    Honestly the navigation did not bother me. The site is pretty clean and easy to use, good job.

    Other than that :

    - Make sure you catch all kind of exceptions. I had a .NET error at one point. I don't know where exactly, as I was not able to get it again -_-'...

    - Minify all .JS files that are not, just like your Jquery scripts are. Ok this is peanuts in size, but if someone ever use your website on a cellPhone, trust me, every byte counts.

    - You should not load big picture when this is not needed. For instance, if you take a look at your contact page, you load the high-res pic of the view of the center. I would recommand to load a thumbnail, as this is not guaranteed that your visitor is going to click on the picture (so why load the initial pic then ? ;) ).

    - Using the top menu > USS Services > Machine Vision Hardware, you point at :
  3. All very good suggestions, Kay .... thank you very much! I have made adjustments that you recommended. Thank you again for taking the time to look through the website and offer your advice!

    Jason Weber
    USS Vision Inc.

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