Pointing a domain name to a DNN child portal

Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by dma111, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I have a domain, dmcma.com, that has now propagated to DiscountASP, pointing to my root folder. I have another domain, southshoresha.org, that also points to the root folder.

    I have created a child portal with the alias, dmcma.com/southshoresha. If I enter http://dmcma.com/southshoresha/Home.aspx, the site comes up fine. How do I get it to come up with southshoresha.org? A parent portal? Or is there an easier way (without having to set it up in IIS)?
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    To redirect subdomains or domain pointers to specific directories, we have some redirect information and sample code in our Knowledge Base, at: http://support.discountasp.net/KB/a369/how-to-redirect-a-subdomain-to-a-subdirectory.aspx.

    You may also use the URL Rewrite module to do redirection if you are in a Windows 2007/IIS7 server.

    For more information about the URL Rewrite module, you can read the following blogs:


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