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Discussion in 'Visual Studio' started by GastonGlock, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. I have been using MS VS for years. (I currently use VS 2008 V 9.0). The “Copy Web Site…” procedure worked fine but something happened some two – three weeks ago.
    Previously, after you updated your source file, it becomes marked as New in comparison with its remote counterpart (on the server). This is the usual way of visual notification for you to synchronize the files. Then, after this “something”, the module began displaying the date/time of the remote file as the date/time of the last FTP upload. So, next time you opened “Copy Web Site…” module, the system gets confused. It displays these counterparts (which are otherwise fully synchronized) as if they are out of synch. Why? Because the original (source) file still has its old date stamp but the remote file has the (server) date of your last upload. (It’s indicated by two question marks icons before each of the counterparts.) Is there a way to restore the original behavior? Please help. Thanks.
  2. Bruce

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    Try configure VS.NET to clear the remove files before uploading again to reset the last modify date on the server.
  3. VS File synchronization problem

    Thanks, Bruce. Nothing worked until it was started to work "itself". And nobody from DASP notified me on the issue (of course, they shifted "accusations" on me). When I finally asked them of the latest "phenomenon", they admitted there was a problem with their network servers: Enjoy :(
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    The maintenance you link to there wouldn't affect file versions, or times/dates.

    In general though, sure, any server update can cause problems with existing code. Which is why we always post server updates or maintenance. But it's pretty rare that an update has a negative effect on existing code. Unless it's really old code.

    When we know that there is a potential problem with existing sites related to an update, we will do email notifications. That wasn't the case with recent updates on web704 because there wasn't any known risk to existing code.

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