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Discussion in 'DiscountASP.NET API' started by Owen Ransen, May 3, 2016.

  1. I will link to a 64 bit dll and so I need to run C# at 64 bits (I presume) but when I check using this code:

    Label3.Text = " 64 bit OS = " + Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem.ToString();
    Label4.Text = " 64 bit Process = " + Environment.Is64BitProcess.ToString ();

    on my web server I find that the OS is 64 bit but the process is 32 bit.

    I've been told it is something to set on the server...

    "So if you check the advanced settings of the Application Pool, then you will find the setting:
    Enable 32-bit Applications
    Set this to false to make sure that the ASP.Net application is running in 64bit mode on 32bit systems."

    but I'm unsure if this is something I set in my C# options (I can't find it) or on the server setting itself... I guess the server, but where and how?
  2. Here's what I have to do probably, where can I do this on my DiscountASP server?


    Or do need to do something else?
  3. mjp

    mjp DiscountASP.NET Staff

    I'm going to guess that isn't exposed in IIS Manager for your account here. I'll ask someone to take a look at this thread and offer up advice.

    Have you tried running it on the server here? Any errors?
  4. FrankC

    FrankC DiscountASP.NET Staff

    64 bits appPool is not supported.

    Consider using Everleap.

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