SmarterMail Spam Settings when using SpamExperts

Discussion in 'Email' started by vbphil, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I added SpamExperts inbox filtering to my SmarterMail service and I'm a bit confused on how to adjust SmarterMail settings so they don't conflict with SpamExperts.

    One thing I have discovered is with the SmarterMail default Spam filter settings. You find that SmarterMail will still classify email as Spam even though it has passed through SpamExperts as not spam. I adjusted the SmarterMail domain spam filtering settings to Override and set the Action settings to No Action. This way SmarterMail wont't do anything with messages it thinks are spam. I'm not sure this is what I should do but it seems logical. It gets a bit confusing for my domain email users with so many different spam filtering points and actions taken against spam. It's not too bad for techies but ordinary users are overwhelmed.

    I also noticed an unusual number of emails in the SpamExperts Delivery Queue and very slow email delivery performance. SpamExperts documentation indicated that if the mail server rejects email they will get added to the delivery queue. I turned off grey listing in SmarterMail for all users and the email in the SpamExperts delivery queue has pretty much dropped to none. It seems that SmarterMail was grey listing messages and rejecting them back to SpamExperts where they landed in the delivery queue.

    I could use some advice on optimizing the settings in SmarterMail when you add the SpamExperts service to the account.

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