Sql2005CreateBackup not creating backup but not generating error.

Discussion in 'DiscountASP.NET API' started by olywa, May 4, 2012.

  1. We are having a problem where when we send a service request for the service method Sql2005CreateBackup. We are getting a successful response but when we FTP to the _database folder there is no backup file present.

    We have tried both the API and sandbox key with the same affect. Also, we have added our IP address to the IP White List.

    We have also run invoked the service in 3 different ways and each resulted in the same outcome.

    The following images contain shape of the SOAP request/response that was captured during our tests.



    Any help would be most welcome.
  2. Just tried invoking the service again using the "API Key" using the ASMX web form and it looks like it works. I believe we tried this earlier without any luck but everything looks good now.

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