Switching SSL from Primary to Pointer

Discussion in 'Domain names / DNS' started by Rolfolingus, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Currently I have an SSL certificate on my primary domain, abc.com. I recently set up a domain pointer for efg.com.

    Can I remove the SSL certificate for abc.com and set up an SSL certificate for the pointer (efg.com) or will that cause issues? I know that means any attempt at using https for abc.com afterward will return a certificate error, but will https requests to efg.com work correctly or does the certificate need to be for the primary domain?

    Thank You
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    The certificate does not need to be the primary domain. However,you can only have 1 certificate per site. If you want to use HTTPS with the pointer, you'll have to uninstall the cert first and reinstall a new certificate.
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