Installing DNN (DotNetNuke) using the DiscountASP.NET Web Application Gallery.

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    You need to be on a Windows 2008 IIS 7 hosting account. Or on a Windows 2012 IIS 8 Hosting account in order to use the Web Application Gallery Installation Tool.

    You also need to have a SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 database add-on. A SQL 2008 R2 or a SQL 2012 database add-on should also work (Since I tested and didn't see any issues for it).

    To install DNN using our Application Gallery please note the following information:

    Go to "Web Application Gallery Installation Tool" in the control panel here:

    Scroll down to the section "DotNetNuke Community Edition"

    Click on the link "Continue with Installation >>" Or simply click here:

    If you want to install DNN on the root of your hosting account. Delete the "dotnetnuke" text in the field. The web application will then be installed on the root of your hosting account. IMPORTANT WARNING: This option deletes everything on your Root of your hosting account. It always best to backup your site before installing a new web application on your hosting account. If you install it on a subdirectory then it will only delete everything in that same exact subdirectory. If the subdirectory doesn't exist on the web server. The sub-directory will be automatically created.

    Click on "Select Database" button.

    Select the SQL database you wish to use. Then click on "Select".

    This will automatically fill in the fields for you.

    Enter your SQL database password for your main SQL user in the password field.

    Then click on "Install Application".

    Read the warning message. Then click on "Ok" button.

    Wait for our System to install the files on the web server.

    Click on your domain link that is provided once the installation is completed. (If you domain name is still not pointing to our web servers. This link will not work. But you can still use the Alternative URL for your hosting account. The Alternative URL can be found in the control panel here: Look for the field "Alternative URL:*")

    This will take you to your web site's DNN installation wizard.

    I used the "Typical" installation Method.

    Click on "Next" button.

    The wizard will now take you to the File Permissions Summary.

    Click on the "Next" button.

    Make sure you selected "SQL Server 2005/2008 Database" option.

    All the fields should have been automatically filled in.

    Click on the "Next" button.

    The wizard will now start to build your SQL database. (Please wait for it to complete installing the Database Scripts.)

    Then click "Next" button

    Now enter your First Name, Last Name, User Name, Password, Confirm Password, Email Address, Website Title, and Template.

    (Remember your SuperUser username and Password) If you forget the username and password you will need to start all over.

    Click on the "Next" button.

    The Installation wizard should finish and your new Installation of DNN should now be completed.

    Important: You don't need to modify the web.config file. The installation wizard will automatically makes the changes for you.

    Hope this helps people :)
  2. I followed these steps (and similar ones found in the KB -

    Unfortunately, I'm getting this message:
    404 Not Found
    The requested Url does not return any valid content.
    Change this message by configuring a specific 404 Error Page or Url for this website.

    I'm running a Windows 2012 IIS 8.0 and MS SQL 2012 db.
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    Is DNN the only thing you have installed in your hosting account and did you install it in a blank database?
  4. I started off from a new db.
    It does have files but only .html files...nothing that should interfere. But, I can remove all files on the server (it's not actively in use) and try again.
    Stay tuned
  5. I deleted absolutely everything off the server - including a web.config file that was handling a redirect to the /cms subdirectory where the DNN installation is occuring.
    On the server, I only have /cms and the db instance running. I'm getting a different error. It keeps redirecting to localhost on my laptop:

    If I go to the Alternate URL, I don't get redirected to localhost but I don't get the setup screen for DNN either:
  6. RayH

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    It doesn't look like the DNS is pointed to us. That's why it's not working with your domain name. I'm not sure why it's not working with the Secondary URL though. You need to make sure you install DNN on a blank database, and you shouldn't run into any problems.
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  7. Interesting on the DNS...working on my end but I know it can take a while to propagate out and I only did the request a couple of hours ago.

    For the db, I went into the control panel and clicked to Reset db. I'll re-delete the CMS folder that was created from the last try and then do the install again.
  8. And, that worked! Resetting the db was the missing step for me on this installation.
    Thank you!
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