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  1. I recently started using the Laravel php-framework on my desktop development environment, and wondered if I could get it working on a Windows Server shared host (like, and even though all my testing had been done with a WAMP stack, the answer is....YES Laravel apps run fine here!

    The only twiddling I had to to do was modification of the Laravel 'database.php' to point to my MySql server instance (and credentials) running on I then tweaked a 'web.config' in my Laravel App's 'public' directory to use some Rewrite rules for route-mapping (very similar to the kind of stuff you have to do for Razor under .Net MVC).

    I wrote a little blog entry on my mechanics at if you care to follow-up on some of the 'how-to'.

    Start to finish, you just:
    1) Install and run Composer and Laravel on your desktop WAMP instance.
    2) Write, Run, and unit-test your Laravel application on your desktop. At the end of your testing, you will have a complete disk-image of all the PHP files you need.
    3) FTP the disk-image of the Laravel app to web-site.
    4) Tweak the ../YOURAPP/app/config/database.php file as described above
    5) Put a web.config with the correct Rewrite rules in your ../YOURAPP/public directory.
    6) Run your application by navigating to: http://YOURDOMAIN/YOURAPP/public
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    Nice work, Matthew, thanks!
  3. Yeah currently I have started working on Laravel Development and WAMP stake help me for successful testing.

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