What are some suggested alternatives for databases?

Discussion in 'Getting started' started by dhay, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I just signed up with discountasp. I didn't realize that we had to pay extra for databases. My current hosting at Arvixe has unlimited dbs so all of my sites have sql dbs.

    What is suggested as an alternative? Also, why is there an additional charge for databases?


  2. mjp


    There's a charge for databases because we run separate stand alone database servers, and that is considerably more expensive than running web and database (and other services) all on the same box. Separating the servers makes for better performance and stability.
  3. Takeshi Eto

    Takeshi Eto DiscountASP.NET Staff

    Also we use the SQL Web Edition rather than SQL Express.
  4. Instead of SQL Express, we use SQL Web Edition.
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