Emails not delivering outside of my own domain

Discussion in 'Email' started by exploredungeons, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. I'm generating an "order received" email on my site, using the sample code provided by, and it appears to be working, EXCEPT I'm the only one getting emails.

    When I send an email, I always CC: myself to an account I have hosted here ([email protected]) and I receive that email no problem, but the people in the To: line do not receive their email.

    I also added myself to the To: line, and again, I get the emails but the intended recipient does not.

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    What are you using to send? What is the SMTP service?

    If you're using the SMTP service of our mail server. You must use SMTP authentication against the mail server. The full email address is the username. The password is the password for that email user on our email server.

    Otherwise you can use localhost with no SMTP authentication requirement.
  3. This issue was resolved by adding an SSL certificate.
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