Limit email delivery in SmarterMail to only SpamExperts MX records

Discussion in 'Email' started by vbphil, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. vbphil

    vbphil Guest

    So I added SpamExperts to my account and it's set up and working for the last day. The problem I'm having is that some spammers are still pointing to my old MX records of SmarterMail and their email spam is bypassing SpamExperts. You can see this by looking in the spam email headers and you don't see the entries normally added by SpamExperts. Their knowledge base discusses this issue and points out how to look for this.

    Their recommendation is to set my mail server so that it only will accept incoming email from the SpamExperts servers as their MX records indicate. Is there a way to set this up either in my SmarterMail Domain settings or in DiscountAsp's DNS settings?

    thanks, -phil
  2. mjp


    You don't have access to create that filter on the server, but it's something we should probably look into doing as part of a SpamExperts setup (if it's feasible). Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention.
  3. vbphil

    vbphil Guest

    Thanks for responding. To this day, 10 days after setting up SpamExperts, I continue to get spam email that is being sent directly to SmarterMail bypassing SpamExperts filter servers.
  4. vbphil

    vbphil Guest

    Today is Jan 18, 2017. So it is over one month since I've installed SpamExperts and I'm still getting spam email sent directly to SmarterMail by using the old MX records. I guess that once the spammers get hold of account information they continue with it, I hope not forever.

    We really do need a way to configure mail delivery to reject mail sent to old MX addressing.
  5. mjp


    Phil, still looking at this. I'll let you know what we can do.
  6. FrankC

    FrankC DiscountASP.NET Staff

    Can you open a support ticket? We want to make sure the MX is setup correctly.

    I have not seen spammer keeps the old MX record and send directly to it.
  7. vbphil

    vbphil Guest

    I created a ticket but I'm being told that nothing can be done except transfer my email service to another email server and I could loose email in the process.

    I did a Google search and found this article pertaining to using MX Guarddog. I assume it would work with the SpamExperts service as well.

    So I set up a Domain Content Filter in my SmarterMail setup. I used the term "" for the search term as that seems to be the domain SpamExperts sends from. For now I set the action to prefix the subject line rather than an outright deletion of the message, just in case it isn't working as expected.

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