Split Domain Rounting/Message Routing for shared address space

Discussion in 'Email' started by DreamFinder, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Currently we have email hosted at two locations. Some email accounts are on discountasp.net servers, and some accounts are on another server (mx records point to the other server location for all incoming emails.)

    When using the website to send out emails (the website is hosted through discountasp.net), it is only internally trying to send emails. It is not trying to send externally. The email accounts that the message should be going to are hosted by the other server, and the messages are not being delivered.

    For example--when a form is submitted an email should be sent to [email protected]. The [email protected] account does not exist on discountasp.net, but it does exist on the email server that the mx records point to. Because the website domain is hosted by discountasp.net, it only looks internally to deliver that email, and does not send externally to the host of the actual email account.

    Does discountasp.net allow for split domain services for the email (also known as shared address space, or non-authoritative mail delivery)?

    Help is greatly appreciated on this.
  2. dmitri

    dmitri DiscountASP.NET Staff

    Because your domain is hosted by discountasp.net, the system assumes that the mail services are being handled by SmarterMail and tries to deliver emails locally. To resolve this issue, please try to disable email services in Email Manager of your DiscountASP.NET hosting control panel:


    Please note that disabling email services will erase all email addresses and their contents permanently from your DiscountASP.NET SmarterMail.

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