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  1. This sample application was designed to demonstrate use of the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel API. This application will alert the user when specific user preset thresholds are reached for various DiscountASP.NET web hosting account services. For example, the user can be alerted when their web hosting account disk space or bandwidth reaches a specific threshold.
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  2. Your zip file will not unzip using WinZip 12.0.
  3. mjp


    The archive appears to be corrupt. Let me see if I can pull it out of the old forum files.
  4. mjp


    Okay, try it now, it should work. Apparently the old archive was damaged in the forum migration.
  5. Memory usage

    Is there a way to determine what kind of a memory footprint the application is running on at a given time?

    I'd like to load test my app on DASP to see how many users it can accomodate before DASP resets the app due to high mem usage.
  6. Bruce

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  7. Thanks for the reply.

    Is the server memory partitioned for each user at a certain capacity? If so, what is that capacity?

    Or is the entire server memory shared across accounts so the max available can fluctuate depending on current load?
  8. mjp


    Your site runs in an isolated application pool, which means it has a finite amount of memory available to it. How much memory depends on whether you are on an IIS 6 (100mb) or IIS 7 (200mb) server.

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